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Data Delta Method: The Methodology

   by Richard Tews



Data Delta Method



A couple of years ago my consulting team started working with a large Healthcare system. Part of the IT organization knew that they needed controls over the vast amounts of data in the business while enabling self-service analytics. PII and PHI abound in that domain. It is regulated. Risk is high. They took the traditional safe approach of addressing data management though evaluating data governance products for areas in which they were lacking controls and began a product implementation journey. That would take time. 


What they discovered was that approach, while safe in theory, rapidly loses funding. Time ran out. The battle is for budget dollars. Dollars follow priorities of the funding.


Moving the needle on KPIs matters most.  


Enter the Data Delta Method™ 

With the Data Delta Method™ and a delivery playbook, the focus shifts to delivering measurable business value in data-driven KPI projects while rapidly but consistently developing data management practices in parallel with each project. The value of prioritized projects exceeds the costs and results come quickly. The more projects, the more data management and value returned. Dollars invested deliver dollars in return. Where do you want your budget dollars to go?  Black hole or proven measurable return?


Time is the key variable. 

  • 7 days in a week 
  • 24 hours in a day

Your work outcomes need to fit into those limits. There are no infinite projects. Time is the one thing we cannot get more of. Why is it that some people accomplish so much? 

For time to work in your favor for your goals and with your data, you will need to leverage everything that today’s processes and technology have to offer. 

That is why our data strategy is centered on the Data Delta Method™. 


When you utilize the full power of the Data Delta Method™ you will: 

  • Supercharge data monetization and value
  • Become a brand within your company and industry
  • Document and communicate measurable value to the bottom line delivered by you and your team
  • Save precious time when each subsequent project is completed faster
  • Get better quality and higher-value projects as the record of your capabilities become known 

Achieving goals for data transformation is a numbers game. 

  • How many projects fit inside to rapidly deliver proven-measurable value? 
  • How much can you do today? 
  • What are your capacity limits? 
  • Which people and projects are left behind? 
  • What is holding you back?
  • Are you ready to achieve more? 
  • Are you ready to create your own effective Data Culture? 


At VIQTOR DAVIS it is our passion to show people how to use the Data Delta Method™ to extract value from data while building a data culture.